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Trump criticizes Pelosi and Romney

“This is what the end result is,” President Donald Trump said holding up a copy of the Washington Post featuring the headline “Trump Acquitted.” That's how the 45th President of the United States began his post-impeachment White House speech.

The president praised his allies and criticized his political adversaries during his nationally-televised address. He started out the speech by recognizing the positive press coverage he's received about the acquittal. “It’s the only good headline I’ve had in The Washington Post," he said about the newspaper he held up.

The president went on to praise his Senate allies.  “Mitch McConnell, you did a fantastic job,” Trump said. Trump also praised Missouri Senator Josh Hawley and Utah Senator Mike Lee. President Trump praised Lee but criticized Mitt Romney, the freshman Utah Senator who voted for one count of impeachment. The president called Romney's 2012 presidential campaign one of the worst campaigns in history.

Trump reserved his harshest criticism though for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Mocking Pelosi's statement that she prays for the president, Trump said “Nancy Pelosi is a horrible person... I doubt she prays at all.” In his speech, Trump also praised House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy. “You’re gonna be Speaker of the House because of this impeachment hoax,” he said. 

Trump also spoke out about Congressman Steve Scalise, noting that he looked good after being shot at a baseball field in 2017. The president recalled the events of the shooting and suggested that Scalise looks better now than he did before the shooting.

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